What our clients think…

  • “I cannot recommend The Tattoo Removal Company highly enough. I am a Veterinary Surgeon and spent a lot of time reviewing the medical research papers the techniques Dr Mills uses are based on. After I was sure that Dr Mills was using the safest and most up to date equipment and methods I contacted him to make an appointment. Since the first consultation the information and patient care I received have been excellent, initially I was extremely anxious about the process however Dr Mills has gained my full confidence. I am having 3 tattoos removed and after the first treatment I noticed quite a dramatic difference, the pain is minimal if you use the local anaesthetic cream provided, for 2 days after each treatment the area is slightly sore (comparable to mild sunburn) however the healing time is very fast. With regard to cost I personally think that the price is very reasonable, especially given the high level of care from an experienced Doctor. Complications such as pain, infection, incomplete ink removal, darkening of tattoo ink and permanent scarring can occur with inappropriate treatment and I would therefore advise anyone wanting to have their tattoo removed to contact Dr Mills for “Gold Standard” treatment and patient care. Good luck!”.

    Rachel S, London
  • I’d considered having my tattoo removed for a while and had actually settled on using a different clinic before I heard about The Tattoo Removal Company. I met with Dr Mills and was really impressed with everything they were offering. The service was honest, professional and friendly while still being competitively priced. Knowing that tattoo removal isn’t a quick fix, it was important that I trusted the company I would be dealing with. The tattoo I am having removed is fairly large and while it isn’t pain-free, it is bearable and each treatment is complete in about 15 minutes. I’m currently four sessions in and seeing great results already. To anyone considering tattoo removal I would recommend doing your research, not going for the cheapest quote or being swayed by the expense of a brand name clinic and getting in touch with Dr Mills.

    Nick, Derby
  • I am more than happy with The tattoo removal company and the information I was given at my consultation told me all I needed to know so therefore I was happy to go ahead with my treatment which I consider to be good value, and with six weeks between appointments very affordable. I am very pleased with the support you give and know I can contact you anytime should I have a problem, although I have not needed to it is reassuring to know I can pick up the phone or email you anytime. I am so glad I decided on The tattoo removal company for my treatment, having seen the lasers that you use I know i am getting the best possible treatment. For anyone looking at having a tattoo removed, look no further, The tattoo removal company in my opinion is the company choose!

    Janet C, Derby
  • I really find your clinic to be 100% professional, proficient, welcoming and affordable. All advice given at every step was relevant and very helpful, considering treatment is akin to cosmetic surgery (in my opinion anyway) and can be very daunting I feel it is important to gain as much knowledge in the area before undergoing any procedure. Because of this I welcomed your professional advice both on the website and in person, and felt at ease after even the first discussion with yourself. The information provided was clear and accurate and I left the clinic after my first consultation confident I was in safe hands.
    It was helpful to see before and after pics and also the Rejuvi pics you showed me.

    The proof is also in the pudding as my tattoos are disappearing rapidly without a great deal of pain during the treatment (thanks to using the EMLA cream – definitely another plus point to your services).

    Aside from the success of the treatment it is also nice to be treated by a friendly Dr who makes you feel at ease. I am also reassured I am being looked after when I receive a quick text message after treatment with concern as to how things are going. Gold star on the Customer Service there!

    Overall, I am extremely happy with the service and I would (and have already) recommended The Tattoo Removal Company to other people.

    Emma B, Leicester
  • Surprisingly I have found the whole experience so far very good, much better than I thought it would be. The initial consultation was thorough and easy to digest as it was put across in layman’s terms. The treatment itself, and the care by yourself, has been excellent. I can’t fault any of that. If I wasn’t confident or happy with the service I wouldn’t come back. The only thing that I’d suggest is a revamp of the treatment room but that’s purely cosmetic. If I was giving advice to a friend I’d definitely say “go to Dr. Mills” but I’d also say this isn’t a quick fix. The removal process takes more time than I originally anticipated.

    Andy, Derby
  • Initially I was faced with fear of how the laser would actually feel, after reading plenty of conflicting reports on the internet of other peoples own experience, I was unsure whether it would be searing pain or nothing to worry about…. I can tell you from my first laser treatment it’s nothing near the pain I was expecting! It’s not pleasant but it’s nothing that somebody who has already undergone having a tattoo can’t tolerate. The clinic itself is very clean and presentable and Dr Mills will surely make you feel comfortable and at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending the clinic for those considering laser removal.

    Fabian, Manchester