Removing tattoo marks after radiotherapy.

Removing tattoo marks after radiotherapy.
January 31, 2014 tatrecomadmin

Understandably going through cancer treatment is something most of us would want to put way behind us as completely as possible.  Having visible ‘dots’ on your skin – often in the middle of the chest for breast cancer treatment – may be a reminder you don’t want to see every day in the mirror.  But should you get rid of them?

Firstly they should be fairly easy to remove with laser treatment – our understanding is that they are usually simple Indian ink, usually just pricked lightly into the skin and therefore really count as amateur tattoos.  As such their depth will be superficial and ink density should be low so they shouldn’t be stubborn to remove.

But should you remove them?  In the worse case scenario you may have to have more radiotherapy and the radiotherapists want to know the area previously treated.  In some cases however a given area of your body will have had it’s maximum ‘lifetime’ radiation dose and therefore further radiotherapy wouldn’t be an option.

All in all you need to discuss this carefully with your treatment team.