The Cost

The cost of laser tattoo removal with us will mainly depend on:

  • size of inked area – we are limited by the amount of anaesthetic we can give in a single session – it works out to be about the size of your hand.  If your tattoo(s) are bigger than this you will need more than one session to treat the whole area.

  • ink colours used – some are more difficult to remove than others eg blue and green.  These will need more sessions to treat than black for example.

  • location on your body – the further from your heart the slower they are to remove ie ankle tattoos take a lot longer than neck tattoos. 

Each tattoo is unique in how it looks and unique in how it responds to laser.  Some respond very rapidly, others are much more stubborn.  There is even often significant variation within one tattoo  – most likely due to the different amounts of ink within the skin in different areas. So you need to understand that no one can tell you at the start exactly how many treatments it will need.  On average tattoos take between 8-12 sessions to remove to a point where other people don’t see them.

Treatments are every 2 months.  So realistically it is likely to take you 1 1/2 to 2 years to remove successfully.  You should bear this in mind when thinking about any future dates when the tattoo ‘must be gone by’ eg weddings/jobs etc.

So because no one can tell you at the start of treatment exactly how many sessions you will need we work on a Fixed price basis – One price for regular treatments for up to three years.  The cost can be spread over up to 2 years of monthly payments with and initial payment of 25% of the initial cost.

So for example if the fixed price is £800 then your initial payment is £200 and the rest (£600) can be paid at £25/month for 24 months.  You can pay it quicker if you prefer.  Over the 2 years removing a tattoo at this cost will cost you just over £1/day!

So with a fixed price it won’t cost you any more if the tattoo proves to be more difficult to remove than first hoped.

  • Really small tattoos – some people are lucky and have only really small tattoos to remove for example small areas of writing like a name or initial.  However you must remember that the depth of ink in such writing can be quite deep (as it will have been done with a lining needle) and therefore these can still take multiple treatments to remove.
  • Large tatttoos – We are limited by the amount of anaesthetic we can give in a single treatment sessions so larger tattoos must be treated in sections at different treatment sessions.  This will be reflected in the price. We can typically cover the surface area equivalent to the area of your whole hand per session.
  • Sleeves/circumferential tattoos – If your tattoo goes all the way around a limb then it will need to be treated in two sittings as the post treatment swelling after the first few treatments may in theory affect the blood supply to the lower part of the limb.
  • Multiple tattoos.  A lot of people want to remove more than one/all their tattoos.  We can offer a discount on multiple tattoos.

If you would like a quote please email a photo and any history about the tattoo eg whether it’s a cover up or has had previous treatment to 

Please note it may take a few days to get back to you with a quote.