Low cost tattoo removal = high risk tattoo removal

Low cost tattoo removal = high risk tattoo removal
December 15, 2013 tatrecomadmin

We saw another new client the other day with scarring from previous cheap but  poor  quality laser treatment.  We had to tell her that we could probably further reduce the ink in the tattoo but that unfortunately the scarring wasn’t something we could reverse.

She was annoyed, mainly with herself for as she said, choosing the cheaper option.  “I spend much  more on my hair every 6 weeks without worrying about the cost so I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t think a bit more carefully about the quality of the service I was paying for. ”

Unfortunately the attraction of ‘cheap treatment’ is readily available in the UK.   This is because the Laser treatment market was deregulated in 2010 meaning that literally anyone can buy a laser and set up as a laser therapist.  They may be doing this with as little as 1 days training from the company that sold them the laser.  Is that someone you want to be treating your skin?
Good quality lasers, ones that are made specifically to remove ink from skin and are powerful enough to do the job and maintained  appropriately, cost tens of thousands of pounds.  From a simple economics point of view a business  can’t buy one of those and then offer treatments at a rock bottom prices.  Looking at it the other way round – if someone can afford to offer you treatment at £10 or £20 per treatment then how much do you think they have invested in their equipment or training.

Thinking about tattoo removal costs throws up some interesting bits of psychology.  It seems understandable that we are usually willing to pay more to get  something than we are to get rid of something.  Getting rid of something can be be tinged with embarrassment or regret or a feeling that it’s not worth paying much for because at the end of it you are left with nothing!  BUT that nothing is worth a whole lot if it removes that daily reminder of what you now consider to be a mistake.  How much is it worth erase that feeling of embarrassment or regret?  Make your decision a positive or aspirational choice – ‘I’m fed up with it and now I’m going to do something about it’.

Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective if done by the right people with the right training and the right equipment.  It will take time, so don’t rush in to choosing your provider – we advise you visit at least 3 to get a feel for the different levels of service available – and certainly don’t do choose solely based on cost.