About Us

Founder and Director

Dr Ben Mills started the tattoo removal company after being asked by some of his general practice patients for advice about how to remove their tattoos. ” I found it difficult to get good quality information about treatments for my patients and then almost impossible to actually find reasonably priced treatment by medical professionals who would have the background knowledge that I would trust. In the end I decided to set up just such a service myself!’

Dr Mills continues to work as a GP as well as running The tattoo removal company. He has written for Tattoo Master magazine helping tattoo artists to understand skin better as well as GP magazines about safe tattoo removal.

Specific laser training and ongoing support is through Lynton aesthetics. Lynton is a provider of aesthetic services, training and manufacturer of lasers for the aesthetic market. Founded by University of Manchester physicists it provides University of Manchester accredited training to laser operators.

We buy and maintain our laser equipment from Lynton because we trust the in depth knowledge and commitment they have to their products and services. Our lasers are serviced by Lynton engineers twice a year.

Our Doctor Mills (pretending to be in action, because he'd be wearing goggles if he really was...)

Our treatment room.

Licensing, Registration and Insurance

The tattoo removal company is a limited company registered at companies house.

The tattoo removal company premises have been inspected and passed by a Laser Protection Advisor.

The tattoo removal company is fully insured for public liability and specific cosmetic malpractice insurance through Hamilton-Fraser Insurance.

Care Quality Commision registration
In October 2010 the Care Standards Act 2000 was repealed which amongst other things de-regulated the use of lasers used in cosmetic applications. Since then the Care Quality Commission (CQC) came into being. The CQC requires registration of healthcare professionals who are carrying out treatments which are deemed ‘surgical’ or involve ‘the treatment of disease, disorder or injury’. Treatment of the skin with laser light is not deemed to be surgical (but treatment of the eye is) and a tattoo is not deemed to be a disease, disorder or injury. Therefore as the tattoo removal company only carries out tattoo removal using laser it is not eligible to register with the CQC.
We do however adopt safe and professional operational procedures including:

  • Full and appropriate training of medical practitioners.
  • Retention of a laser protection advisor.
  • Documented equipment maintenance schedules by supplier approved engineers.
  • Provision of appropriate insurance.