Unloved ink?

Going to hide it forever?
Make a positive decision

 laser it!

Before and after pictures

Welcome to The Tattoo Removal Company.

Here’s what makes our service different from all the rest.


Lasers can burn and scar.  Make sure your skin is in safe hands.

All your assessment, treatment and aftercare will be carried out by a Doctor.  

Best laser in the world.

The Quanta QplusC.  As good as it gets.  If we thought there was a better one, we’d buy it.


Laser hurts – sorry but it does.  So we NUMB the skin by using local anaesthetic   This can only be given by trained medical staff.  Allows us to use our laser at higher powers for faster ink removal.  Better for everybody.


Fixed price for as many treatments as needed over up to 3 years.  You can pay monthly over 2 years.  Usually works out around £1/day over those 2 years.   Reality Check – It will take 1-2 years to remove your tattoo.  Results last for the rest of your life.  So get the best treatment you can afford.